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Simplerecruit Services


My role is to make the recruitment process easier for you by providing you with the final shortlist of candidates while you concentrate on what you do best "run your own business" The shortlist will help you to find the right staff for your business.


  • Services include:

  • Consultation with the client regarding the vacant position

  • Preparing and listing the advertisement

  • Shortlisting Candidates

  • Making appointments

  • Notifying unsuccessful and successful candidates


I am able to do as little as advise, create and place the advertisement to maximize your opportunity. Simplerecruit will phone screen the resumes and create a shortlist according to your needs.

When it comes to Interviewing, there are also options to suit your requirements and costs. I can complete phone interviews, 1st interviews and even be present in the final interview with you when you are down to choosing the right candidate.

The cost of my services will be dependant of the options you select and can be quoted over a simple phone call.


To get an understanding of your business and how I can best be of service to you, call me today.

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